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We'll also look at failure – whether self engineered or just the stuff that happens
going through life.  We've all been there and failure is not a pleasant experience.  
However, handled right, failure can bring amazing breakthroughs that would not be
realized without going through painful setbacks.  The question we'll be asking is;
What does the Bible say about failure?  You will find a God that cares about what
you're going through.  Did you know that the Bible says that God knows that number
of hairs on your head?  You are so unique that there is only one you.  He gave you
special abilities and He has a plan for your life.  We'll help you find your true purpose.

Most of us just focus on success while alive on earth.  We try to accumulate as many
things in this life as we can, to have some comforts and have enough assets for
retirement.   There is nothing wrong with trying to provide for your family, and be
wise with your money and save for retirement.  However, if you succeed in doing
that and not give any attention to success after your  life, it will be all for nothing.  
The 80 - 100 years we have in this life is just a tiny part of eternity.   What are 100
years compared to 10 million years?  And that’s just the beginning!  
The Bible makes it
clear that we are eternal beings.  There are two camps, the people who will be found in the
Book of Life and the people who will not.  Make no mistake, you will not want to be in that
2nd camp.
We'll also look at success outside what most people think of when talking about
success (such as money and wealth).   We'll discuss success in business.  However,
we'll also look at success at home, success in how you live, successful time
management, and winning perspectives on the world.  
Most importantly, remember that it's not my wisdom that counts.  The
wisdom comes from principles revealed in the Bible.  We might find short term
success by ignoring these principles, however, ultimate failure in life and or death
will be our fate.
Going through life, we'll have both successes and failures, it's how we handle
success or failure that makes the difference long term.  Even if you consider
yourself successful, you will have failures as well.  I dare to say that you will not be
successful without having failures. will look at both sides of the coin.  We'll provide some
revealing insight into
success principles and provide hope and comfort when failure
has visited your doorsteps.
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For some of you who have doubts about the validity of the Bible’s claims, we'll provide
evidence, which if researched, will set aside any of your doubts.
As a father has compassion
on his children, so the
LORD has compassion on
those who fear him;  

Psalms 103:13
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