My child is driving me to madness, as another small premature baby clings to life and the family pleads with the Lord for healing and understanding.

 We just don’t have the money to eat out, as another deserted orphan cries in the night, not knowing a parent or the time of arrival for the next meal.

 I can’t work for this company one more day, as another man of the house swigs the next drink of alcohol to numb the pain of explaining the job layoff to his already broken family.

 There is never anything new to wear in this closet, as another smiling third world child is draped in a new T-shirt and that is his or her complete wardrobe.

 My life is not as I want it, as a doctor delivers the news of a disease that is incurable and another soon to be widow begins to plan a life without the only earth partner she knows.

 The car is not the latest, as another second chance recovering addict rides his BMX bicycle in the rain to another job interview that will fall away because of his past.

 My marriage is stale, as another battered female lies quivering in a locked bathroom, doing the best she can to self nurse the physical wounds he has inflicted once again.

 A child reluctantly rises for school, as another the same age rises to retrieve dirty water that will be delivered to his or her AIDS stricken mother, too weak to do it herself.

 Our home is not large enough, as another scarred United States Veteran pulls his quilted roof upon himself and trembles with visions of explosions and gunfire.

 My parents just don’t understand me, as another child is delivered by the state to the third family she will know in two years and will prepare to meet a fourth.

 I am stressed about this family gathering, as another lonely widow turns another page in the picture album and stares out the window waiting for company that will never come.

When God’s people are in need,

be ready to help the them..

Romans 12:13 NLT

About: Tom Rogers:
The Holy Bible is often viewed as a book of unbelievable stories, impossible encounters, and out of this world thinking. My name is Tom Rogers, and I attempt to relate the Living Word of God; to the things we see everyday in our lives. Rest assured, Jesus Christ is alive and well in your life, and I look forward to helping you see Him in more places. To see all articles by Tom Rogers Click Here!
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