Believe In Yourself

A lot of people have become so depressed and oppressed of the enemy for so many reasons. One of those reasons are that too many people have lost their identity and are trying to pattern after others. The Lord did not waste His time creating a nothing and you are  just as special and needed as those you have chosen to follow. There is a special gift that the Lord have given only you and it can never be duplicated but copied. You have failed to seek within the jewels that you have been given from the beginning of time. You need to take the focus off of others for a moment and turn your view  inward to find the treasures that you have forsaken and just unaware of.


You get so caught up in the excitement of what other people are doing while neglecting what your purpose is, what you possess, and how you can master the gift that the Lord have given you, so that others may rave over your talent as well. You must believe that the Lord saw you just as important and useful as He saw anyone else that He created. This is a time after reading this that you should and need to do some quiet time with you, you and you. Time alone brings a lot of things to the surface when you go deep in meditating on what it is you desire and what is it that you are excited about from others. You need to know you and learn everything about you; the good, bad and the ugliness.


Do not feel like because you have not accomplished a certain amount of success or prosperity that your life is useless or without purpose. Everybody have something to offer or share no matter how great or small, including you. Greatness is not about just abundance of  but also the least amount of. It can take one small thing at one small moment to make a huge impact on someone’s life or situation and cause you to become a great success story in that one small instance. Believe more in yourself regardless of past failures and mistakes. Never let guilt and shame overtake you that your emotions are all out of control from grief, fear, confusion and doubt. Shake it ALL off and fly high as the eagle to mount up with the victory that was won for you too.


You can not do ANYTHING that the Lord can NOT take care of one way or another to have EVERYTHING to work for YOUR good ALWAYS. You MUST trust the Lord no matter what and because He’s the God that will show you, yes YOU a token of good;  for YOU are the apple of  His eyes and He wants the very best for YOU as well.  It’s alright to admire others but let YOU be the first on your list for most admirable and worth checking out. Start this year off with a different mindset that says I am just as qualified for an audience admiring my endeavors and creativeness. It does not matter where you are today,  just keep knowing that your day will come on your tomorrow. I am being the first to remind you of YOUR  greatness so believe in YOURSELF, it is in there, within YOU.




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  1. peterg says:

    Thanks for the reminder!!! Great Word!