I love my kids. One of the greatest characteristics about them is that they have giving hearts. It is very common for Tiffany and I to be woken up on a Saturday morning by our children bringing us breakfast in bed.

It’s typically soggy toast, undercooked eggs, and too strong of coffee. However, because they come with the heart to bless us we have the desire to consume the sweetness of their gift. That cold, too strong or too sweet of coffee TASTES SO GOOD because it is FILLED with their LOVE.

Whenever we get a gift for someone we typically want it to bring pleasure. Knowing what pleases an individual helps in our decision making in what to purchase or do for them.

Knowing what pleases God will help in how we can bless Him.

HEBREWS 11:6 says, “And without FAITH it is IMPOSSIBLE to PLEASE God…”

FAITH is the KEY INGREDIENT to pleasing God! Without it, it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

Scripture is clear that there is nothing that is as sweet to the Lord as when we put our faith in Him.

The thing about FAITH is that it’s supposed to act as an umbrella that EVERYTHING falls under. It’s NOT just meant to cover one or two AREAS of our life, but faith is meant to blanket or cover EVERY area. Meaning every AVENUE or ASPECT of our life needs to fall under trusting in the Lord.

To the Lord hot cup of FAITH smells perfect to the Him and it tastes so good.

C.S. LEWIS once said, “Faith is the art of HOLDING ON to things your reason has once accepted IN SPITE of your CHANGING moods.”

Our mood will CHANGE direction like the wind. Faith is the art of HOLDING onto the Lord REGARDLESS of our emotional state, and that my friend is a SWEET CUP OF JOE to the Lord.

About: Rbulman:
Rick Bulman is the Senior Pastor at New Hope Foursquare Church in Bellingham, Washington. He is a normal guy (actually, depends on who you ask) who loves Jesus. His faith is real and he tries to live life as transparent as possible. Rick is married and has 4 amazing kids! To see all articles by Rick-Bulman Click Here!
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