The Afterlife

Most people I talk with see this life as the main event.  They focus all their attention on this life and look at life after death on this earth as the afterlife.

In reality, the Bible says that we are eternal beings.  When you consider eternity…let’s just say a million years, the 80 or so years most of us will live on this earth can hardly be called the main event.  The time we spend here would be like 0.000001% of our lives.  So, the 80 years here are nothing in comparison to 999,920 years to come.

Wouldn’t it be worth spending some time to ponder and consider the choices we make?  What if Christians are right?  Would you want to risk eternity?

Once we die here, we will end up in one of two places…heaven or hell.  Heaven is all we ever hoped for and dreamed about just better.  Imagine hell being the worst day of your life here, multiplied by 1,000…every day…forever…999,920 years.

This life here on earth brings its challenges…sickness, death, job loss, stress and much more.  The Bible does not promise that life a Christian will be all peaches, it actually tells us that we’ll have trouble.  All of us…none excluded.

For a Christian, this life on earth will be the worst it will ever be.  For a non-Christian, this life will be the best it will ever be.  Think about this.

How we live the 999,920 years of the main life to come depends on not how good we are but whether or not we put our trust in Jesus as our savior.

It’s not a blind faith.  Research the evidence…it’s worth your time.  Best of all, it even effects your life here is a positive way.

You might think that you have wasted your life or you have done too many bad things.  There is good news.  God is a God of second chances.  He loves you…yes even you and me as wretched as we are.  The Bible says that none are good and that Jesus died for us not because all of a sudden we became good, but as we were sinners he died for us.  He is a God of 2nd, 3rd…100th chances.  Give him a try.  He does not disappoint.

Don’t wait.  None of us know if this is our last day here on this earth.

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