Through My Son’s Tears in NICU!

God my creator, you knit me in my mother’s womb.
You knew me when I was in my mother’s womb
You had plans for my life
I was very happy nestled in my mother’s womb
I was safe in mother’s womb which was my little room
My mother was with me even before I was born
It all started the moment I was born and opened my eyes,
I was in shock, I was away from my Mother.
And I was hooked up to machines in NICU
The pain that I go through every day
No one understands.

Doctors and nurses used to sedate me
I never get to sleep because I cry all day and night with pains.
I lay in Incubator bed alone at night and wonder why I’m here.
I lay in bed thinking when I would see my mother, father and my loving sister
When would I go home to be with my family?
Neither the doctors nor my parents knew what was wrong with me
Why am I suffering from birth?
The pain is almost unbearable
I wish that I could show my mother
How it hurts to breathe or move
Or to take constant pricking by nurses and doctors
With handful of needles
Who are trying to make me better
Everyday I am fighting for my Life.

I listen to my Daddy’s voice talking to doctors
I hear him saying “How is my son today”
My Doctor who was an angel said
Even though my situation is complex and critical
I was strong and will beat up all odds
I heard him saying my Mother, Pray, Pray, and Pray!
I hear my Mother s voice and I feel her touch
Crying and pleading God to save my life
And to heal me from my sickness
I hear My Special Sister
Knocking the Doors of NICU
To see me, to be with me, to take me home
To play with her and to pray with her.

When I am experiencing trauma
My Mother’s constant presence
Gave me hope, lightened my fears
She wiped away my tears
And told me there’s nothing to fear
I saw some babies went home successfully with their parents
Some of them lost their lives in NICU
I was afraid but I asked God
Give me an opportunity to serve you.

I felt like I want to run to my mother but my legs won’t move.
I just want my Mother to hold me in her arms
I want to scream but my voice is silenced by pipes in my mouth
I want to cry but my eyes are dry and swollen from edema
I want to speak but words I can not describe
To have a big heart is very nice.
But I had a big heart, which doctor call it as a cardiomegaly
But inside my soul I am crying and there is nothing I can do.
I can’t explain how I feel inside
Behind all the smiles of my mother I saw her tears
And behind all her comfort I felt her fears.
She was with me through all the roughest times
I learned so much about life and sufferings
Even before I became a man.

After taking care of me and babies like me
Doctors and Nurses went to their homes
I haven’t seen how my home was!
NICU was my temporary home
I miss my Mother oh so much
but I visit her each day.
God saw my tears and the tears of my parents and sister
He saw we all were hurt.
He gave me strength to make it through another
second, minute, hour, days and month
As each moment was a blessing from heaven.
I learnt Life wasn’t easy, I live this life each day,
Just waiting every day to be with my family.

God touched me and healed every damaged part of me
He saved my life and healed me from sickness
I’m so grateful that God led me home to my family
How could I possibly thank you enough my God
Each day I’ll thank you for saving my life
Through your wonderful miracles
I am alive and I will declare your miracles to all!
Thank you for the gift of life you gave me,
For everything you do in my life.
For I love you God every single day of my life.

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