Your Change is Coming Part 2

The church members were merrily dancing without a care in the world. The song meant so much to them. It lifted up Jill spirit. It took her to a new spiritual dimension. At last her mind was peaceful. When the song ended everyone took to their seats except Evangelist Zoe. She was so excited that the choir director beckoned her to speak.
“I feel that you have something special to say to us, Evangelist Zoe.”
“I greet you all in the mighty name of King Jesus, our lord and saviour.”
The congregation responded by saying together,”Greeting sister.”
“I want to share my testimony with you.”
“Yes, sister.”
“I had to make a hard decision.”
Evangelist Zoe pause for a few seconds while wiping away the perspiration off her forehead.
“I made a decision which changed the eternal direction of my life. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. It was a difficult one. But God made it more manageable for me over a matter of time and I am reaping the benefits.”
Evangelist Zoe started to praise God for ten minutes whilst most of the congregation
worshiped God with her,but they were still intrigued to know the latter part of her testimony, so they waited in anticipation for her next statement.
“I didn’t want to live a defeated life anymore.”
“Amen, sister,”shouted the church.
“I didn’t want to go out night clubbing with my husband anymore. He told me to
choose between God and himself and I chose God. And I have been following Jesus ever since.”
“Amen,” screamed pastor Fred.
Evangelist Zoe handed over the microphone to pastor Fred.
“Keep the faith my sisters, God is with you always. Keep the faith my brothers, God is your provider,”said pastor Fred.
“Jill, why don’t you share with us, what God is doing in your life.”

(To be continued……..)

About: Antony Douglas:
I am married to Vida and we have two children aged 12 and 17. We have a cat called Molly. We love to fellowship with God people at church or at home. I enjoy the outdoors life especially going out for long country walks and attending my small urban garden. Author of the ebook called, 'Your Change is Coming,' it is free to download from, ibook, overdrive, Barnes and Noble and www.goodebook.
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