Walking through Bipolar Disorder with Jesus

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The title of this blog post is the understood symbol of the topic I’ve decided to finally write about. Since I will soon be on Detroit Public Television and in Woman’s Day Magazine talking about it, I think I am ready to talk about it on my blog.

“It” is Bipolar Disorder. Yes, I am fearful of “going public.” Yes, I have gotten hurtful reactions in the past. Still, God has given me a story to tell so I must tell it. I am a firm believer or sharing my struggles in hopes to bring glory to God and to bring others to Him.

So, Hi! I’m Katie and I have bipolar disorder. No, I am not bipolar. I have a brain illness, which affects most areas of my life. It is not my identity. It is not a crutch. It is not a reason to pity me. It’s not a reason to write me off. I am not crazy.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. He is my Shepherd and I am His sheep. This is the portion He has given me and I intend to make use of it. So many people are hurting and hiding it. Mental illness is one of those things people tend to hide. As a christian, there are not many good sources of information and encouragement for people that is Christ and Bible centered dealing with mental illness and how to live a Spirit-filled life. My pastor encouraged me to do something about it. Because of the grace of God I am alive, not in prison, etc. I want to be intentional about sharing the hope I have and do so in a way that is personal and real.

Psalm 139 is my constant mantra that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God made me in His image and I want to share his love with the hurting.

Feel free to ask questions. Give me suggestions about things to write about that would be applicable and useful. I will share parts of my story, but my aim is to bring glory to God by pointing people to Him no matter what they might be facing!