Only God is Worthy

Today I was singing to myself a song that I had learned in church, Not to us o Lord, which has the words “All we have, we bring to give, the honor and the love that you alone are worthy of.” While I was singing this I focused on the concept of worth and how God is the only one worthy of our honor and love.

In the Bible it talks about how we must honor and love God with all our minds, souls, body and that if we love another more than God we are not worthy of him (Matt 10:37). This struck me as a very powerful concept because often we put worth on people and objects and focus our energies on these things. But, when we fully understand the worth of these things we see that we have misplaced our dedications.

Webster’s dictionary defines worth as “having sufficient worth or importance.” All the things of this world are worthless for they shall pass away. People are not worthy of honor and praise because they are fallible. Only God is truly worthy of our honor and love because he is unfailing in his love for us. Who else can claim that they have unfailing love for another? The Bible tells the story about a Hosea who marries a prostitute that commits herself to him but falls back into prostitution. This paints for us a vivid picture of what God must endure with each individual. But through God’s unfailing love he holds onto us no matter the cost.

This continual act of love is only one aspect of God’s worth of our honor, praise, and love. The very fact that we continue to fall into our old ways and that God accepts us back unto him each time is almost beyond comprehension. But, it shows us that no other is WORTHY of our adoration.