Managing Personal Fame and God

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Does My Work Give Credit to God?

“Knowing someone” has taken on a new dimension. Facebook and the internet make it possible for a person to spread themselves in many directions. I have to confess that I get a thrill seeing all my stuff pop up when I Google “Ramona Taylor artist”. But at the same time it bugs me when I meet someone who knows who I am and I am confident that I have never met them. I recently read an interview of Dakota Fanning she said often she would meet people who would say on introduction, “I know who you are.” Dakota exhorted that she would still like the opportunity to introduce herself. I think the ability to put so much of ourselves out on the social network, makes it possible to relate to what Dakota is talking about. While those who know Dakota may only know her by her public profile, it can be the same for all of us. And in a sense it can feel like a double life. (A real life and a media life).

I have to ask myself if I live a double life. Am I using the gifts God has given me for personal gain or for Him? It is when I am in this dilemma that I wonder if I am even being used by God.

So I put myself in check. Of course I am a sinner, to say otherwise would be lying, and I am reminded each time I sit in an award reception hoping for a prize, that my heart (motives) are often impure. I am unstable when I am seeking recognition from the world and the desire to Glorify God. Not that fame is bad.. (more…)