Is nuclear power safe where disasters happen like the Japanese earthquake and tsunami? Or anywhere?

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has raised fears. This is not only because – until the last decade and the awful Indian Ocean one – the word “tsunami” was rarely mentioned. Nuclear power has also come under scrutiny, with worries now even about rain water.

Some claim that a major North American quake is imminent, while others are more worried about the present – after all, people have been saying one was imminent for years now.

In one way, nothing can be considered totally safe. While people don’t slip on banana peels like in the cartoons every day, enough accidents happen in our work places, transportation, and other things that we can say with certainty that anything can happen. However, what most people are concerned with is the probability of nuclear accidents – and they claim that the probably is too great.

A closer look reveals, however, that there are quite a few nuclear plants that have never had an accident. Is it a good idea to build a plant right on a fault line? No. However, with so many earthquakes happening in different places, places where there have not been quakes for a long time and where scientists rarely expect them – exactly as Jesus predicted in Matthew 24 – without an understanding of the future, without knowing what will take place, one is left with only doubt and worry.

Do we have to live this way, though? Of course not. There is an alternative.

Jesus didn’t just predict earthquakes in diverse places. He predicted wars and rumors of wars, many false Messiahs, and other things. He predicted they would increase in severity, as they have – just like birth pangs. Jesus also promised that He would protect His people.

This protection is not protection from things of this world, of course. He says in John 16:33, “In this world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” We might be protected from evil in this world, of course; but this is a sinful, fallen world that was created to be perfect, only to have people corrupt it through their free choice.

“Choices,” you might say, “like using nuclear power?” Maybe, maybe not. That is for each of us to decide on our own. However, the fact that Japan did not immediately suffer a Chernobyl-style disaster after several major system failures shows that it can be pretty safe unless the most *severe* of natural disasters occurs.

More to the point is the fact that human choices have thrown this world into chaos. Whether or not you consider nuclear power to be one, you have to admit things are pretty bad int his world. Thankfully, there is a way to have peace.

God’s Word calls it the “peace that passes understanding,” and says that we shouldn’t worry (be “full of care”) about things but that with everything by prayer and supplication we should make our requests known to God. (Philippians 4:6-7) Even in the midst of this incredible turmoil, people can have peace. How?

See, we’ve all made bad choices. No, we haven’t all done things that have led to many people suffering, but we have all sinned, and come short of the glory of God. See, we’ve all said, thought, or done things that cause us to fall short of God’s mark of perfection. We’d love to have a perfect world, but sadly, we have all gone astray and turned each one to his own way. And, the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all. (Isaiah 53:6)

In other words, God did send a Messiah, someone to save the world. He came Himself, in form of a man. He had a job to do at His first coming, though; that was to take the punishment for all of our sins. He did this when He died on the cross and rose from the dead the third day.

It doesn’t help just to know those facts, though. You have to make it personal. See, you, like me and everyone else, wants justice, right? Someday, there will be justice for everyone. That justice will come when God looks on us and sees one of two things.

Each one of us has sinned, and that causes us to fall short of the glory of God. So, that means we must be born again, because the way we were born the first time, we were born sinners. Each person msut call on Jesus Chrsit to come and save them by changing them on the inside.

That way, God can see a person who has been changed. It is a person for whom Christ died, the just for the unjust. When He sees that, he knows the debt for that person has been paid.

When Jesus comes into a person’s heart, He gives peace. Sometimes they will fail, of course. I know I was probably overly worried about the Gulf oil spill last year, but I still knew Jesus could take care of it, and He did. The ecosystem is damaged, but not nearly as badly as it could have been. Had I kept my eyes on Jesus totally, I would have had perfect understanding. However, nobody can do that all the time, because we are sinner. We still have that sin nature.

Jesus saves us from the punishment for sin, though, and then He saves us from the power of sin, so that when we are tempted, we can turn to Him for help.

Thankfully, one day, Jesus will save us from the very presence of sin.

Is nuclear power safe? Probably. The chances of the accident that happened occurring again are faine. However, there will be a major earthquake at the end of the Tribulation period that makes the Japan one seem small by comparison. However, at that point, everything will be shaken, and a nuclear disaster will be the least of mankind’s worries.

Don’t think it can’t happen – this last earthquake moved a whole island several feet! And, it also moved the planet’s axis slightly!

Do, however, realize you can be safe in the arms of Jesus just by calling on Him by faith to save you from your sins and by repenting, letting Him change you on the inside. For if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new.” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Don’t put it off. Yes, we could be safe from another one for a long while. But, we also know that anything can happen. The Bible says today is the day of salvation. And, the way to avoid worrying is by knowing your futgure is secure in Jesus, through believing that His death and resurrection for you personally, and calling on Him to save you from your sins.