How To Succeed On Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the best and most effective free ways to
advertise online.

The appeal of Craigslist is that is has millions of visitors every

Posting in Craigslist can be tricky since Craigslist does not like
Home based business ads or for that matter any business ads.  
If they could have it their way no business opportunity ads would show up.

The other part to be careful of is that one should not post more than one ad.  

Keys To Successful Posting On Craigslist:

Change your ad every time:
Every ad should be slightly different on that day you post your ads.  Otherwise Craigslist will notify you
about that duplication.  You can also use a string of numbers at the end of your headline and body that
makes your ad

I MADE $3,000 while I SLEPT - Check It Out!3092
MADE $3,000 while I was sleeping - Check It Out!4932

That will help.  The same with the body.  Use combination of text and picture ads.

Post no more than 1 ad per account per day
You might be able to get away with more but play on the safe side.

Use many different Links
Use lots of different links (landing  Do not use .net domains anymore...Craigslist
has banned them.  It is also useless to use sub-domains.  You can also use blog addresses as landing
pages.  I would also use any video URLs like Myspace or YouTube to drive traffic to.  Mix it up.

Creating Accounts:
You use any e-mail address to open an

Posting Ads:
Log into your account.  Post your ad.  The
Headline is designed to open the ad.  You
need to stand out.  See "
Headlines" for more
info on how to write ads.  The body is
designed to create enough curiosity to have
them click on the ad.  Don't give all the info
away in the ad.

When posting in areas, stay within the
Small Biz Ads under services.  Some
people also post in Sales/Biz Dev., or in the
jobs section like Real Estate, etc.  I usually
stay in the Small Biz Ads when posting biz opp ads.

It is important to stay on top of any new terms and guidelines that craigslist might come up with.

Once you decide on a city and category, click on the "POST" on the top right of the page.  Place your
ad.  Use "reply to Craigslist e-mail".  Click "Continue", type in the captcha info and you have just
posted an ad.  The benefit of having an account is that you don't have to wait for an e-mail from
Craigslist before it is posted.  You can post ads without an account in some areas...but it is not as
sticky and you need to wait for an e-mail from Craigslist, click on a link in the e-mail and then post the

You just posted your first ad in Craigslist.  

When testing your ads, stay within a few cities so you can check to see if your ads are posting.  
Craigslist is tricky and sometimes your ads do not show even thought they show up in green.

Placing Picture Ads:
To place picture ads, you need to use html code into the ad.  Below are some basic codes you can us.
This code will work in Myspace as well as Craigslist.

<p align="center"><a href="">
<img border="0" src="" width="525" height="400"

first part is your click URL...which is your website you want the ad to go to when someone clicks
on it...

The Second string is the place you have your picture stored...the location of your picture on your website.  
If your right click on the picture to the right it would give you the location of where this picture is located on my
site.  You can simply upload a picture to a website or blog end then use it for advertising like I did here.  You
would then put the address into the code above and you have an huh?

Here is an ad I ran in Myspace (you can try to post it and you will see a picture when it reviews before
the post).  You can also change the size of the add by changing the width and height below.

Article Marketing SECRETS Revealed – NEW Program (Headline)
The code below goes into the body of the text (you can have additional writing before or after the code,
however, you don't have to...the ad says it all).
<a href="">
<img border="0" src=""
width="400" height="441"></a><br>

The following is code to hide the link of you ad.  Let's say that you're using your business link but you
don't want to type it can use the following link to hide it.

A Professional SALES TEAM Sells for Me...This is Too EASY!
I made $1,000 this morning and I never talked to anyone...MUST SEE! (Body Text)
<a href="http://www.yourURLHere" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><p><font size="4"> Click Here To
Check It Out!</a>

The ads would look like this.

A Professional SALES TEAM Sells for Me...This is Too EASY!
I MADE $1,000 this morning and I never talked to anyone...MUST SEE!
Click Here To Check It Out!

As you can see...the link does not show.
Craigslist Auto-Posting Warning
Please be aware that i no longer
recommend using any auto-poster
(AdMaster, Craigo and the like)       
with craigslist, due to the potential
violation of their terms of use.  
Craigslist is cracking down on their
use more aggressively now.
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